Lollapalooza 2023: ‘Dosa was incredible,’ says French DJ Madeon

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French DJ and Music Producer Madeon is currently in India as he is set to perform at the first Asia edition of Lollapalooza in Mumbai. The musician will play at Lollapalooza India on January 28 at 7:30pm.

For the first time in Asia, Lollapalooza, one of the world’s largest music festivals, will be held in Mumbai. India will join Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, and Sweden as the eighth nation to host this yearly event.

As Madeon works on music for his next album, he is busy wrapping up his ‘Good Faith Forever’ tour.

In an NDTV interview the musician spoke about his Indian debut and discussed how he’s been spending his time here.

Madeon spoke about exploring Mumbai in two days and packing as many memories as he could.

The French musician added that he tried the Indian breakfast at the hotel, which has got him in the spirits to go outside and see the real world.

“Dosa was incredible,” said Madeon. “I’m in India for only 2 days, I’m trying to pack as many memories as I can,” he added.

‘Bringing most uncompromising version of my live show’

Regarding his music, especially his set, Madeon informed NDTV that, “Because I don’t come here as often, I want to make sure that I’m bringing the most uncompromising version of my show.”

“I’m bringing my live show ‘Good Faith Forever’ along with a visual moments to Lollapalooza. I’m going to sing as well, as the show is very theatrical. It is the version of me, where I want to be true to my self, as I dont play here as often. If Im playing in the USA, I can switch it up and do something more casual. But, for this I have make sure that it is the ultimate version of my live vision.”

‘I was listening to Prateek Kuhad’

“It is a pretty international lineup at the festival this year. There are some names that I didn’t know, so I just googled them up. I was just listening to Prateek Kuhad, who is more of a singer-songwriter. I really like pure songwriting even though I make electronic music, ” said the musician.

Right now Madeon is finishing some music and wrapping up the ‘Good Faith Forever’ Show- an era of his career and playing the final few shows.

“I am already working on the next step of my career. I tend to be very secretive about that. So, right now this year is the celebration of the big chapter of my life and career. And I think I will disappear for sometime after that. I’m really enjoying this moment,” he added.

On learning Indian phrases and slangs

Regarding learning any Indian slangs to connect with the audience, Madeon said, “Before every show at a new place, I try to ask the crew to give me some of phrases and translation of phrases that I’m going to say in the show. I will be practising the phrases I can say during the show.”

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